"Quality Equipment w Quality Personnel w Quality Work"

Linehan’s print this motto on all advertisement and their trailers. It is their operational philosophy.

Having Quality Equipment that can do the job at hand is a must. You can’t move a mountain with a shovel! No one saves any money, the customer or the company, by doing tasks "by hand" that should be done with equipment. Very often the job cannot be done as efficiently or as well "by hand". Linehan’s also has enough equipment for their entire crews. Often this means owning a dozen or more of the same equipment so its crews can maintain efficiency. Maintenance of all this equipment is also essential. If it doesn’t work you can’t use it! The equipment and fleet maintenance program in place is second to none.

Properly trained crew and management, whether somewhat new to the industry or with several years of experience allow the word Quality to go hand and hand with Personnel. Linehan’s tends to shy away from summer help because those workers are simply not involved with any aspect of the industry long enough to achieve the "Linehan" level of service or finish product. Their usual new hire crew member is typically someone with experience with one or more landscaping companies who is willing to expend the effort required to achieve Linehan’s level of service. Management is typically promoted from within.

Larry SR & Larry Jr. believe Quality Work can only be achieved if the first two items, Equipment & Personnel are already in place. What assures the end result promised to each and every client is owner pride! Above all else, relaxing time off, fun time off, even financial considerations, SR & Jr. must be proud of their company’s final product. The client must be satisfied and the process through which this has occurred from the first call for an estimate to completion of work has to have been a pleasant one.

"We Say What We’ll Do and We Do What We Say"

Larry Sr. and Larry Jr. Linehan


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