Having the necessary equipment and proper maintenance is important to their company. Linehan’s owns an extensive list of equipment. They believe that owning is better than renting. Purchasing the most efficient and capable equipment rather than renting what is available at the time also contributes to keeping costs in line. Linehan’s can bring equipment with them to any job, even if only needed for one hour, without having to pass on a days rental fee along with transportation to and from the rental company to their customer.



They are presently located at 39 Lawrence Road in Salem NH. They occupy an acre in a commercially zoned area on a commercial roadway. Linehan Landscaping is not a backyard company! Most commonly needed materials are stored on site enabling them to charge only minimal delivery fees for most materials. Again, contributing to keeping costs in line.


  (603) 894-4100

Mailing address: PO Box 841, Salem, NH 03079


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